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Fantasy League - Week 11

Still no change at the top, Sam Chilvers is holding on for now! His mum is back in the frame though, with Jane Chilvers’ “Maaybie this year” only 16 points behind Sam. Becky Brodie gets her first mention this week as she moves into third place, looking for that £10 prize to spend at the Dinner Dance! Yes, remember there are cash prizes at stake here! Biggest team score of the week was a whopping 166 from Nicky Ekins’ Cheeky Champs!

On the players’ front, Boots and Russ have swapped around, Boots now sitting on the top, but only 6 points ahead of Russ. Highest score of the week is 33 from both Rosie McEwan Smith and Beth Nagle, but slightly misleading as most of the points came from the Ladies 3s huge 10-0 win the week before which was only just included this week in the Fantasy League (it was a rearranged game). Highest score from this week only was Boots Dawson with 25 from the Mens 4s 8-0 win!

Dream Team – were you in it this week?

Dream Team 

A lot of games counting for double points tomorrow, due to all the rearrangement etc, so a good chance for some big movements! Let’s take the chances and put in some big performances to make our managers happy!  

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