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Fantasy League Week 9

We have a new leader! Andy Clark takes over at the top with his “If You Think Gerrard Enough” picking up the highest score of the week with 112 points to jump ahead of Phil VickyWilliams. However Phil is now being closely chased by her hubby, also called Phil Williams, just to confuse matters. His team “Hurricanes” had a big score of 90, hence the jump. Vicky Easton, pictured, makes the  headlines this week with her team picked up what might be a record low, with only 17 points this week! Plenty of time Vicky, plenty of time…

On the players front we also have a change! Boots has jumped ahead of Matt Dodd and now leads by 6 points. Highest individual score for the week was 25 from the stick of Adam Bentley who picked up a hat-trick and MOM in the Mens 5s win.

Dream Team – were you in it this week?


Name Team Position Price Points
Olivia Clark Ladies' 4s Goalkeeper £9.00 16
Chris Billington Falcons Defender £13.00 22
Bas Marshall Men's 3s Defender £8.00 20
Charlie Ellison Men's 1s Defender £8.00 16
Russell Warner Falcons Midfielder £9.00 15
Nathan Monk Men's 4s Midfielder £2.00 13
Katie Merrick Ladies' 2s Midfielder £11.00 13
Sophie Temminghoff Ladies' 4s Midfielder £10.00 11
Adam Bentley Men's 5s Attacker £10.00 25
Gabriella McErlain Ladies' 5s Attacker £15.00 21
April Bedford Ladies' 5s Attacker £3.00 17
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