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Hawks Walks Match Report

First half (Friday)

With selection, team sheet and meet details sent out earlier in the week by Caroline nobody had any excuses for failing to assemble at Orchard Barn for dinner on Friday. There is however always one who can't follow directions, this time it was Daisy. Luckily as she hesitated before the final right turn Emma overtook and led the way.

For the 2013 Hawks Walks season the team were joined by three new players each taking on important roles: two-dinners Jess, cryptic crossword captain Sophie and water monitor Susan.

Daisy's dinner went down so well that we stayed seated at the dining table until the first few went on their way to bed. Whether it was a tiring week at work, too much wine, or a spiked drink, Jacs was in such a deep sleep she failed to notice that Emma had ever slept in the bed next to her. We all retired with strict instructions from Sophie not to wake her before 8, leaving us with a sense of dread for what might happen in the morning if we failed...

Second half (Saturday)

Weekends away always bring the question of who will be first and last to rise. What I have come to learn is that those who claim to be early risers are invariably among the last to get up, eh Susan? A smorgasbord for breakfast set us up well for the day's activities.

The starting line-up was joined by additional subs with Kirsty and Linda B arriving for the walk, Rachel from lunchtime and Linda P from the beginning of the evening.

Hawks Walks 2013Phil expertly led our walk, although there was some concern as we reached the ford that it might all have been a cover to improve our team working skills or perhaps to drown us all. We were advised to keep our eyes peeled for wildlife. Who knew at the time this would lead to a heated debate about what constitutes wildlife? Did we ever get a ruling on the buffalo? Along the way 7 members of the team went to the bird hide. Can you name them? Who among them ate cake? And how many would be prepared to wee behind a bush? This sounds like the start of a pretty complex logic problem to me.

The evening's entertainment kicked off with Caroline's picture game. I don't know why she was surprised that pitting two teams of hockey players against each other would lead to a high stakes competition. Kirsty, protesting at her inability to contribute to quizzes, fond her forte: picture clues and Hawks themes. Memorable drawings came in team A with Daisy's heron and Caroline's "high king". And in team B with THAT picture from Smut - a candidate for "what happens on tour stays on tour".

After dinner we were presented with a number of incomprehensibly named drinking games to choose from. One spot Harry won. As we went round the table once, twice, three times with no errors it seemed like we were all too sober, but as soon as it was mooted that we might pause and return later once more alcohol had been imbibed people started dropping like flies. If ever we needed proof that the simplest games are often the most entertaining we had a few rounds of lifeboats, introduced by Sophie and now the preferred method for captains to select their starting line up.

Hawks Walks 2013 

In the course of writing this I've come up with a few more topical trivia questions for you to answer, in case anyone was having withdrawal symptoms:

1. How many pieces of cake did Kim eat on Saturday?             

2. Where do Jess' parents live?                                                         

3. How many spots in total were there around the table at the end of the one-spot Harry game?

4. Which spices did Daisy use in Saturday night <x-apple-data-detectors://0> 's dinner?

5. How many crosswords clues in total were answered over the weekend?                                        

Extra time (Sunday)

THE CRYPTIC CROSSWORD WAS FINISHED! It only took ten people 24 hours... what's the record?

The morning activity with the remaining team members was geo caching. I wasn't there but from what I've heard Jools taught Sophie and Caroline all she knows about it.

Lifeboats were manned at breakfast for the starting line up for the summer league game, and Kim was pegged - she's probably regretting introducing us to that game now! 

Thank you to everyone for all you contributed, especially Daisy for the delicious food, Phil for organising the walk and Caroline for making it all possible.

And finally there's only one thing left to say: see you next year!


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