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Fantasy League Week 9

Well, with only this weekend coming left to score points, there is no change at the top! Kathryn Poulter’s “Sleepless Nights” remains in pole position, 51 points ahead of Henry Manuel’s “Hen’s Hawks”. Is that too large a gap to close? The Madden-Waite’s “Jessica’s Angels” remain rooted to the bottom, 57 points adrift of Katherine Hardstone’s “Last Minute Dash” which has slowly slipped into second last. The biggest team score of the week belongs to Sjouke Tolsma’s “The Cowboys” with 67 points, mainly thanks to Man of the Match awards for Nathan Monk, Neil Jones, Evelyn Hargraves and Emma Cragg. The biggest mover was “The Hamilton-Martin’s friend and high risk XI”, going up 10 places to 26th. In the opposite direction Chris Blackburn’s “Hakuna Matata” and Andy Brown’s “Whoop Whoop” had the worst week on record, only picking up 27 points. Vicky Newton’s “Newties’ Cuties” was the biggest slider, dropping 10 places to 43rd.

On the individual front, the Fledglings loss and the Ladies 2s clean sheet victory has meant Sue Clark has stormed ahead, with 119 points, with Wendy Gundry just behind with 114. Katie Merrick has overtaken the Fledglings duo of Silman and Biggs (T.) with 108 points to sit in 3rd place. The biggest scorer of the week was Rachel Young, with 18 points from the Ladies 2s win, with a goal and a MOM award. Emma Cragg from the Ladies 3s has jumped the most places, moving 29 spots up to 83rd after 13 points (incl MOM) from their 2-1 win at the weekend.

On the Value for Money front there is no change, with Giles Roper and Graham Francis still holding the 1 and 2 spot.

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