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Fantasy League Week 10

CharlieThe battle continues at the top, with the lead changing yet again! Rory Phibbs bumps Sam Raynor into 2nd, with Callum Chapman slipping to 3rd! Laura Scragg’s “Team Tiddly Winks” had a great week, jumping up to 4th, but not as good as Charlie Bennett’s “For The Wheel” who picked up a RECORD 181 points, mainly thanks to having his whole family in his fantasy league team. This concludes the ‘Bennett’s Grand Day Out’. At the other end, there was a tie for the lowest score of the week, with Barney Gordon’s “Rinners’ Winners” and Keith Taylor's “Cheapest Team” sharing the honours with 29 points each.

On the players front Dave Cresswell jumps into second! His hat trick in the Mens 1s 8-0 win giving him a massive 25 points. Can he catch Lucy Millington?

Dream Team – were you in it this week?

Name Team Position Price Points
Peter Bennett Fledglings Attacker £13.00 58
Ted Bennett Men's 1s Attacker £13.00 32
Richard Wilsdon Falcons Goalkeeper £13.00 30
Neil Biggs Fledglings Defender £5.00 30
Humphrey Battcock Falcons Defender £9.00 30
Sophie Bennett Ladies 5s Attacker £8.00 25
Jane Reddick Ladies 4s Midfielder £9.00 22
Glenda Crockett Ladies 3s Defender £9.00 18
Jane Warne Ladies 4s Midfielder £9.00 14
Angus Spittles Men's 4s Midfielder £2.00 14
Rebecca Madden-Waite Ladies 5s Defender £7.00 14

And you could also have had Sally Clark instead of Jane Warne.

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