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Fantasy League Week 4

Sam Raynor’s “In it to win it” still have the lead with 341 points, but Kerrie Crowley and Rory Phibbs are not far behind. At the other end Keith Taylor’s “The Cheapest Team” continues to make me happy as his last place means my pricing system can’t be too far off! Highest score of the week from Nick Lamb’s “forgedaboudit” with 96, lowest score of zero (impressive) from Ollie Taylor’s “The Youngest Team”. We’ll let him off, he’s only one…..

On the playing front, it’s still dominated by the Harriers as they’ve played so many more qualifying games, but Mark Crowley is hot on their heels, scoring a whopping 23 points with a hat trick and MOM in the Senators game this week. Not often the Mens 4s get a mention here, so well done to Karl Hack for the second highest score of the week – his 18 coming helped by his brace in the Mens 4s big win.

Are you in the Dream Team this week? Here goes:

Name Team Position Price Points
Mark Crowley Senators Attacker £21.00 35
Henri Coles Ladies 1s Defender £8.00 18
Andy Bishop Men's 4s Attacker £5.00 17
Simon Dawson Senators Attacker £5.00 16
Mike Hughes Men's 4s Midfielder £8.00 16
Takara Haines Ladies 1s Defender £14.00 16
Jacqui Barlow Ladies 3s Defender £14.00 16
Simon Robinson Men's 1s Defender £4.00 13
James Mullan Men's 3s Midfielder £8.00 12
Claire Dennis Ladies 2s Goalkeeper £9.00 11
Rachel Bellamy Ladies 3s Midfielder £4.00 7
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