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Fantasy League Week 17

It is all over…and we have a winner! The top manager comes as no surprise really, with Ian McGregor’s ‘Aussie’s Heroes’ dominating, £40 coming your way!being in top spot for all of the last nine weeks! In fact Ian has never been lower than 5th – not bad for someone who had hardly played for the club before he selected his squad! In second spot, and the winner of £20 is Wendy Sobey with her ‘Black Bears’. With all three available Sobeys selected (Ian, Wendy and Thom), and scoring over 100 points each, they are surely in contention for the “top family” award which I have just invented? Perhaps a statistic for next season... In third place we have a change!John Kaluza John Kaluza’s ‘Bish Bash Bosh’ only picked up 41 points this week, and has been bumped down to 4th by Phil Williams’ ‘Busy Bees’. Biggest score of the week was 135 for Katie Merrick’s ‘Merrick’s Muppets’, but a special mention must go to ‘Real Ratcliffe’ owned by Mens 1s keeper George, who scored a whopping 124 points this week which is almost a fifth of his total score in just one week! In bottom place (and to the editor’s relief) is Keith Taylor’s ‘The Cheapest Team and Nick Ferraby’ as they proved that the pricing structure was working as it should do!


On the players front, the Senator’s Mark Crowley takes the honours! His 188 points was closely followed by Laura Scragg’s 169, with Ian Sobey in 3rd on 163. Top score of the week was for MOM and goalscorer Claire Werlinger in the Ladies 3s big win (although it was a double-points game so it doesn’t count as the highest score of the whole competition, which is owned by Mark Crowley on 36).


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