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Fantasy League Week 15

Correction from last week – in the Senators game Mark Crowley did in fact get a hat trick and MOM! (Rather than the quoted 2 Eddie Baldock loses a goal and his ficticious MOM award....sorry!! I’m sure you still played well though!).

LauraSo…..we have a change at the top of the players table! As on top of his extra points from last week, Mark Crowley also scored again and got MOM! So Laura Scragg has moved down to 2nd for the first time since week 3! Ian Sobey picked up the second highest score of the week with his brace and MOM in the Falcons win, which has moved him into 3rd place. There are currently 5 Harriers still in the top ten – can they hold on to their places!?

On the managers front Ian McGregor’s ‘Aussie’s Heroes’ are still scoring steadily to maintain top spot, although John Kaluza’s ‘Bish Bash Bosh’ is in hot pursuit, with 76 points for the week. Highest score of the week was for Kathryn Poulter’s ‘Double Trouble’ with a whopping 96 points, mainly thanks to Mark Crowley and Phil Hargraves who got a clean sheet and MOM between the sticks for the Mens 2s. Lowest score of the week was an impressive ZERO for Sam Raynor’s ‘Dunleavy £4, the recession is hitting hard!’.

Double points!!Fixture update – as a result of all the snow disruption and other random postponements, the following games will count for double Fantasy League points:

- M2s game this Saturday

- Fledglings game on 10/04

The M1s, M2s, M4s and L4s still need one more game to be included, but we are waiting on confirmation of when these will be played – if these are on or before 11th April they can be included (as this will be before the prizes are awarded at the Dinner Dance), otherwise their last included game will be worth double points.

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05 December

U14 Boys B 0 - 6 Wallingford U14 Boys
U18 Boys 6 - 6 Bournemouth U18 Boys
U14 Girls A 4 - 0 Amersham & Chalfont U14 Girls
Men's 1s 5 - 2 Clifton Robinsons Mens 1s
U14 Boys 7 - 0 Wycombe U14 Boys
U16 Boys 1 - 3 Oxford U16 Boys
U16 Girls A 1 - 10 Alton U16 Girls

04 December

Ladies' 4s 1 - 0 Amersham & Chalfont Ladies 2s
Ladies' 3s 1 - 2 Newbury & Thatcham Ladies' 1s
Ladies' 2s 3 - 0 Winchester Ladies 1s
Men's 5s 6 - 2 Slough Men's 2s
Men's 2s 4 - 3 Eastcote Men's 1s
Men's 3s 4 - 2 Wallingford Men's 1s
Ladies' 8s 1 - 0 Oxford Ladies 8s
Ladies' 5s 1 - 8 Windsor Ladies 1s
Ladies' 7s 2 - 4 Tring Ladies 2s
Men's 4s 4 - 0 Milton Keynes Men's 3s
Men's 6s 3 - 3 Aylesbury Men's 3s
Falcons 10 - 3 Havant Cavaliers