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Fantasy League Week 13

No change for the top two players with Laura Scragg and Megan Wilds still in first and second, but a Senator has crept into the top 3! Mark Crowley’s four goals and MOM on Saturday have earnt him 36 points and rocketed him up to third. In fact this is the highest score yet from any individual all season! Logo(sorry Adrian, you didn’t have that record for long!) John Pratt and Peter Bennett also picked up big scores of 22 points, with Jacqui Barlow next with 19.

On the managerial front, Ian McGregor is now over 100 points ahead! He will shortly have to look into flights to attend the awards ceremony on 17th April at the Dinner Dance? Ian’s ‘Aussie’s Heroes’ had an excellent week, picking up 95 points, mainly thanks to Mark Crowley and Peter Bennett! Ian Sobey is still second with wife Wendy third, but John Kaluza’s ‘Bish Bash Bosh’ has jumped into 4th with the highest score of the week (138), mainly thanks to a big score Phil Williamsfrom Mark Crowley! And also Jacqui Barlow. Second biggest score of the week was 124 from Andy Clark’s ‘Dyslexia Untied’, thanks again to Mark Crowley. The biggest non-Mark-Crowley score was from Phil (female) Williams’ ‘The Busy Bees’ with 103, mainly from the sticks of Jacqui Barlow, Dick Heinrich and Linda Phillips.


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