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Back to hockey changed my life!

  • Jan Davies in Ladies' 6s 001

"It may sound dramatic but Back to Hockey and Oxford Hawks HC have changed my life. They helped me to regain my fitness and have massively increased my self-confidence."

Jan’s inspirational story is one that many club members across the country may understand.

Like many, she played hockey at school in the early 80’s on grass and loved it, but staying active after finishing education was difficult and she fell into other sports and activities.

The hockey bug returned to the family though when she introduced her daughter to the sport, with Jan watching every single game. However, despite falling in love with the game again, she felt she was too old to set foot on the pitch.

Jan’s life was then turned upside down in 2010 as she was diagnosed with cancer. While she overcame the disease with surgery and plenty of treatment, it also led to a loss in not just fitness but also confidence, while she also gained a bit of weight due to not being able to exercise much.

Three years later her daughter left for university, leaving a hockey-sized gap in her life. How would she get her hockey fix now?

Determined to plug the hole and increase her fitness, Jan summoned up the courage to attend a Back to Hockey session at Oxford Hawks.

And despite feeling apprehensive, she said the club couldn’t have been more welcoming.

“The club welcomed me with open arms and the coaches were so encouraging,” she recalled.

“I was able to gradually improve my skills and fitness in a fun environment without realising it. It was also a great social group and I met some wonderful new friends.”

One evening at a session, Jan was asked if she would like to play in one of the club’s teams.

Fast forward six years and she is no co-captain of that team and a much loved member of Oxford Hawks, having made many friends at the club.

When asked what she thought of her Mum now playing the sport she introduced her to, Jan’s daughter said: “She is really, really proud!

“She knows how much joy and confidence it has given me. We’ve also played on the same team a couple of times, which is just amazing.”

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