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Fantasy League Week 3

We have a change at the top! Sam Chilvers’ ‘Hit and Miss’ is now sitting in top spot. Now for those observant ones out there, you will notice that Sam didn’t feature in last week’s team list, but don’t worry - it’s all legit!! His team was indeed entered on time but needed one change which has only just been made. So Ian McGregor’s ‘Aussie’s Heroes’ is pushed into second spot with Linda Phillips’ ‘Spitfires jumping up to third, mainly thanks to big scores from her Harriers Sally Clark and Ella Markham. At the wrong end, Keith Taylor’s ‘Cheapest Team and Nick Ferraby’ still proudly prop up the table, but they are facing stiff competition from ‘Sheri’s Stunners’, managed by Andrew Sheridan. Biggest score of the week came from Gill Petrokovsky’s ‘Bruise Brothers and Sisters’ who picked up 118 points to jump to 5th, mainly from the sticks of Rogam Meadows, Megan Wilds and Linda Phillips.

LauraOn the players front, a goal, clean sheet and Man of the Match from the Harriers defender Laura Scragg has not only given her the highest score of the week – she now has top spot in the Players table! Chris Debney picked up 28 points with his hat trick in the Mens 2s win, but unfortunately the only person to benefit from this is ….. Chris Debney! Sorry – no-one else bought you!

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24 March

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23 March

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Men's 7s 3 - 0 Phoenix & Ranelagh Men's 3s
Men's 2s 2 - 3 OMT Men's 1s
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Men's 5s 3 - 1 South Berkshire Mens 3s
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