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Fantasy League - the RESULT!

The competition is over! Emma Fitzsimons grabbed the £40 top prize, with "The Misfitz" on 994 points, only 13 ahead of Steve Jones who wins the £20 second prize. Drew Blackburn came in third earning himself £10 which I am sure was put to a good cause at the Dinner Dance...

Yet again Keith Taylor's "The Cheapest Team" gives the organiser reassurance that her pricing model is working, as they came in 84th and last spot. There are a few prizes each year for highest scoring player - Dunlo, Best Value Player - Paul Poulter, and Highest Score in one game - Giles Roper with 34.

Finally the Dream Team FOR THE WHOLE SEASON is as follows (i.e. if you had selected this team, it would have given you the highest score possible):

Dream Team

Many thanks again for taking part - we hope you have enjoyed it - and we hope you will enter again next year!


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