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U10s are winners at Wallingford

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It was a freezing cold morning of driving rain. Lil's car, containing all the match kit, wouldn't start and things were not looking good for the U10s at Wallingford. However, the team's spirits remained high, thanks to the unrelenting enthusiasm of the most fantastic parent-supporters, ever! Super-Coach Mark Crowley stepped into the breach, guided the team through their warm-up, set up the game plan and very kindly umpired the first three matches. 

The U10s started well, making space on the pitch and crossing the ball accurately. They got into their stride, beat Thame B in the first match, but then had to wait 45 minutes before playing again. They took on Reading next, in a closely fought contest and goal keeper William H was kept busy; he quite literally saved the day for the team to win! Hawks faced Oxford B at midday and there was some great attacking play from Frazer M, Sam C and Emma S to win convincingly.

Having won 3 matches in a row the team realised they were in with a chance for the semi-finals! With superb ball control from Moses P and great tactical play from Frazer M, Hawks were also victorious in their 4th match against Wallingford A. The fabulous parent-support crew ensured that all the goals were recorded accurately and The U10s were through!

Taking on Wallingford B in the semi-final, the team were confident, controlled and incredibly exciting to watch. Mark's father-son training paid off with some exceptional play from both Sam & Dominic and Ned & Fred maintained superb energy in the midfield. Hawks 5th win of the day, put the team into the final!

Back up against their toughest (and tallest!) opposition, Reading, Hawks knew they would have to pull out all the stops. After the long wait at the beginning of the day the team were playing their third match back-to-back and each player contributed in every match. It was a nail-biting contest with brilliant defence from Abigail C and Lucille H. William H maintained his record and did not concede a single goal all day. Sam C scored the winning goal for Hawks with seconds to spare! They had won the tournament!!

Goal scorers:
Winning goal of the tournament: Sam C
Highest number of goals: Frazer M
Goal from skilled stick work: Moses P
Great goals from midfield: Fred S & Ned P
Youngest goal of the day: Dominic C

A huge thank you to all the Hawks coaches and the organisers at Wallingford. A brilliant day - Lil Pullen

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