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Lucky winners in the club draw!

The Club Development Draws made at the President's Punch Up before Christmas produced the following list of prize winners:

£250.00 prizes were won by Robin Winstone, Keith Mitchell and Peter Curtis

£125.00 prizes were won by John Black, Charles Darby and Mr and Mrs Webster

£90.00 prizes were won by Adastral HC, Adrian Higgins, Sian Mitchell, Lisa Fogden, Richard Venables and Geoff Paver 

£60.00 prizes were won by  Paul Dunleavy, Sue Clark, Tom Biggs, Paul Dunleavy (again!), Teresa Hobbs and John Elliot

£30.00 prizes were won by Nick Rogers, Anna Flory, Kieran Roche, Paul Poulter, Robert Stallibrass and Harry Cross

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16 January

U14 Boys 2 - 3 Reading U14 Boys
U14 Boys B 1 - 9 Banbury U14 Boys
Ladies' 1s 4 - 0 Oxford University Ladies 1s
U14 Girls B 0 - 4 Henley U14 Girls
U16 Girls A 1 - 5 Oxford U16 Girls A

15 January

Ladies' 6s 0 - 2 Aylesbury Ladies 2s
Ladies' 3s 0 - 6 Phoenix & Ranelagh Ladies 1s
Men's 4s 0 - 5 Windsor Men's 1s
Men's 2s 3 - 1 Witney Men's 1s
Men's 3s 2 - 1 Berkhamstead & Hemel Hempstead Men's 1s
Falcons 9 - 0 Haslemere Men's Vets
Men's 5s 3 - 1 Wallingford Men's 2s