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Ladies 5s beat higher league Abingdon in friendly

22 February 2014, 10:00, Banbury Road North (Top)

Ladies' 5s 2 - 0 Abingdon Ladies 2s

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Ladies 5's were aware there was going to be a tough game ahead, with Abingdon playing in the division above us. We started strongly though and got some good passing and attacking play. Abingdon had a few key players so it was all about marking those players out of the game and making the most of the chances we had in the D.

The forwards and inners worked hard when in the D, making the goal keeper make some good saves and putter inportant pressure on when defending 16. Gabs unleashed a brilliant reserve stick hit to score a very important goal. Abingdon kept the pressure on and didn't let us forget they were going to cause problems when they got the break. The mids stayed back well and supported the defence when required but made important passes and runs.

A quick half time talk with a lot of postive comments we felt confident that we could get another goal and continue to make Abingdon work hard.

We started well again in the second half with a lot of positive moves. We had a go run of short corners, but sadly we were unable to make anything of them. The forwards continued to link well with the mids and inners and again defence and more importantly Olivia made some amazing saves and was ready for anything Abingdon hit at her. Mid way through the second half Lotty took an early shot on goal and the defender tried to save it only sending it wide of their keeper. An important second goal which meant as a team we could relax. Final minute of the game, Abingdon got their first short corner and we were determinded to keep the clean sheet. With a case of obstruction meant we had to try and defend another short corner.... on the final whistle! Gail did a brilliant run out and put brilliant pressure on the straight strike causing the player to hit it wide.
A really good result and a very happy captain!! Olivia deservedly got voted man of the match after some outstanding play and organising the defence and mids confidently!  
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