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Ladies’ 6s in hilarious game with Beckley Men !

01 February 2014, 15:00, Banbury Road North (Top)

Ladies' 6s 2 - 3 Beckley Mixed

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Beckley village decided to raise money for a cancer charity by playing a sport for every letter of the alphabet. H is for hockey. As they had not played the game before they wanted a side that was not too skilled. So Jim Felix, their organiser, suggested the Ladies’ 6s.

So on a cold but sunny day Ladies’ 6s took on the men of Beckley. Deborah started the pre-match talk with a warning about not tangling too closely with them and passing around them and then we began.

Julia Middleton had a good game as RW and Clare Strickland was excellent as LW though often marked a little too well.  It was Mary Joyner who got the first goal.  From a position on the base line she moved the ball towards the P spot and one of their defence in trying to clear the ball put it into their goal.  Olivia Strickland had her usual superb game, coming back to collect the ball from the defence and then running it up the pitch beautifully.  Bella Dawes was a very welcome addition to the side and demonstrated beautiful skills as LI.  Mary put a short corner neatly into the corner of the goal. However Beckley got 2 back so that the score was 2-2 at half time.

Bella had to disappear for a short while (something to do with Clare having cancelled games at the Dragon because of water-logged pitches).  We were temporarily down to 10 ladies.  We asked Beckley if one of their 2 spare players would like to join us rather than standing getting cold.  Instead Mark Crowley joined us playing left back and umpiring and resisting the temptation to run up the pitch to score. 

So Becky Madden-Waite who had been playing back moved up to left inner. (“Inner?” she gasped.)  She did very well in that position moving into space on the left and calling for the ball. Mel Thurley had a great game as RH, defending well and joining in the attack on the right.  Gail Norbury was an excellent CH and did some great tackles.  But it was Megan Magrosky playing on the pitch who won player of the match for the energy and enthusiasm she put into the game.

Yes, Beckley were not very good but they improved steadily throughout the game.  Purdy Stone who had a great game in goal was hard pressed at times. Beckley got the only goal in the second half and so won 3-2. 

Thanks to Emily Black and Mark Crowley for umpiring and James Hathaway for taking the photos.

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