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Under 16 boys stream roller Southgate 13-0

26 January 2014

U16 Boys 13 - 0 Southgate U16 Boys

The U16 Boys team played Southgate in very biased weather. Freezing rain and wind was such that most of the warm up was held indoors. Despite this Hawks started well with many goals in quick succession, the rain lightening up. Southgate did not give up in their attempts to retaliate and continually hammered at the defence though rarely getting much further than the half way line. Hawks then sat back, keeping the ball out of our D but never seemingly in our possession. We entered half-time 8-0 to us.

One, perhaps over stern, team talk later lead us into the second half with the sun full in the face making it impossible to distinguish friend from foe. As a result Hawks then fell into bad habits – making too many runs and taking full on shots at the keeper rather than a knock in for someone on the post (though some of the skills shown were impressive). Southgate, however, were not as handicapped. A hundred times they broke away with the ball and 99 times did we force them off, risking a very close penalty flick. At the end of second half, the centre backs finally rallied and kept the ball out of our half, even scoring a goal at some point (it was difficult to keep track of who and how many people scored). Hawks left the pitch blinded but victorious having steam rolled the opposition into a 13-0 win.

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