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Ladies' 6s lose gracefully to Wychwood

11 January 2014, 10:30, Banbury Road North (Near)

Ladies' 6s 0 - 7 Wychwood Ladies 2s

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Wychwood started strongly and immediately won a short corner.  They quickly dominated the game.  Pam Selby had a great game as our left wing.  Mel Thurley was promoted from the back line to right wing where she did some lovely crosses.  Chloe Scragg had her usual excellent game starting as centre half, moving to the forward line and then to be an inner.  Having her mother, Lisa, on the pitch did not seem to put her off.  Lisa herself had a great game though probably not as mobile as she would like to be just yet.  (Will she be able to get out of bed on Sunday morning though?)  Elly Gordon worked very hard, tackling back to get the ball and then taking it beautifully up the pitch.  Izzy Ashman played the other inner and proved very useful in that position.  Despite all the hard work we were 0-4 down at half time.

After a useful discussion about tactics at half time (thank you Lisa!) we played much better in the second half.  Still we could not get the ball in the back of the net!  Mary Joyner did some excellent strikes on goal but it was always saved. Suzy Ovington had a great game as left half with some great moves.  Elaine Leahy played right half and was a strong defender as well as feeding the ball up the wing.  Eleanor Grainge also joined us on the half line for the first time and played very well indeed.  Inevitably though the backs were under a lot of pressure.  Julia Millington had a great game but felt at the end that she had not played well (which was not true).  Jan Davies had a superb game stopping several balls on the line.  Since the 5s game was cancelled we had Purdy Stone in goal and she was kept busy doing many saves and organising the defence.  The final score was 0-7 to Wychwood.  There is no censure for losing to a stronger side.  We just like playing hockey!

Congratulations to Jan Davies for being voted player of the match.

Thanks to Robbie Scragg for umpiring and to James Hathaway for taking the photos.

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