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Ladies 4s clinical short corners see off Wychwood

23 November 2013, 10:30, Banbury Road North (Top)

Ladies' 4s 5 - 1 Wychwood Ladies 1s

  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 018
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 001
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 002
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 011
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 026
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 044
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 043
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 042
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 041
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 039
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 038
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 040
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 037
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 036
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 035
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 034
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 033
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 032
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 031
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 030
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 029
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 028
  • Ladies' 4s v Wychwood 027

Hawks Ladies 4s v Wychwood Ladies 1s

Hawks Ladies 4s took on Wychwood as the world celebrated The Doctor’s 50th anniversary. The Time Lord is well renowned for his travels in the TARDIS, his extensive knowledge of all species, and his questionable dress sense. His thirst for adventure and fun often lands him in danger where he uses his wit rather than force to extract himself and others from harm’s way. Should things go awry, he has the ability to regenerate into a new body.

The Doctor is rarely without a companion, human or otherwise, to help him on his mission. The companions are often lost individuals before their time with The Doctor. From then onwards they become gutsy, determined and resourceful, often rescuing The Doctor from mishap or challenging his views or actions. Together these companions make The Doctor a better being.

The Doctor and his companions often cross paths with familiar foes. Davros and his Daleks have frequently caused troubles as they view themselves as the supreme race and have only one thing on their minds..... The Weeping Angels are as old as the universe and one of the deadliest life-forms around. They are also however the only enemies to kill someone ‘nicely’ as their victims remain uninjured and live out their lifespans in the past. The Cybermen are one of the most persistent of The Doctor’s enemies. Unemotional humanoids, they have the ability to upgrade themselves, fixing weaknesses in the process. In the majority of cases The Doctor is able to outwit and defeat his many foes with the assistance of his companions.

Back on Earth, the date 23/11/2013, the companions of the 4thteam outmanoeuvred their rivals in true Doctor style, using their creative and imaginative play to survive another adventure, leaving their opponents with a few injuries, wondering where it all went wrong.

The companions: See below 

Star companion: Sophie Dawes

Top scorers: Jacs 3, Nicky 1, Sandra 1

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