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Ladies' 6s in close game with Bicester

16 November 2013, 14:00, Banbury Road North (Top)

Ladies' 6s 2 - 3 Bicester Ladies' 3s

Can you have too much of a good thing?  Well occasionally…  This week we had 11 players on the pitch and 6 subs.  Just occasionally we had 12 on the pitch and 5 subs.  Ooops!

It was lovely to have so many available but it did make knowing when you were on and off tricky.  The forwards were rotating at 7 minute intervals with 2 off at any one time, the inners at 12, the halves at 9 minutes and the backs every 5 minutes.  Confused – yes we were a little.

Jan and Julia had an excellent game at the back with Mel and Deborah substituting.  Evelyn Hargraves was kindly playing her second game in goal for us as Purdy was ill.

Bella Dawes was a sound choice for centre half and had a great game.  She was joined on the half line by Jenny who coped well with a demanding position.  Suzy and Elaine joined us for the first time also on the half line.  Those two played very well and put a lot of energy and skill into the game.

Amelia who has played for us before again had a good game.  Lily also joined them as an inner this time and slipped well into this position.  Olivia really shone as right inner and always looked dangerous when on the ball.

The forwards had the trickiest rotation with 5 people for 3 positions.  Megan began on the left and moved into the centre.  She was excellent at moving into space to receive the ball.  Chloe played her usual excellent game moving smoothly across the field as needed.  Sarah had a great game on the wing but it was Clare (Olivia’s mum) who deservedly got the second goal with a great strike.  It was Mary who was voted player of the match for her superb game and, incidently, for the first goal.  She had already been noted as a very useful player and with skill and energy demonstrated what it was to be a great striker.

The final score was 2-3 but it was a very enjoyable game and Bicester were very impressed with the facilities and the food afterwards.  A special thank you must go to Rebecca Black for umpiring.

Megan did not stay for tea. She went off to play her third game of the day in goal for Harriers… brilliant!

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