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05 October 2013, 11:30, Banbury Road North (Top)

Men's 6s 10 - 3 Witney Men's 4s

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The game started off with a cheeky knock in by Henry Manuel who injected the ball up to Mike Henman and after a save from the goalkeeper sneaked it in the back of the net, this was his first ever goal for Hawks. (There were many attacks and goals scored in the first half but the order of the goals is slightly misty in this reporter's mind so I will do the best to get them right)

Then came the second goal. Mini Bestie was waiting at the left of the D to receive it from Henry Manuel and then after seeping it down the side of the D he slung it into Will Smith who did a little cheeky dribble and then pushed it onto the backboard. Then Mini Bestie made another appearance to knock it onto Matt Rogers stick who then launched it into the goal. And yet another appearance from Mini Bestie but now it was his moment to shine. He received it from Henry ‘the play maker’ Manuel, dinked it up and then took a cricket shot and bounced it into the back post.

Substitutions were made and Danny Newcombe, with his first appearance for the 6th XI, was to inject. It was passed to Mike Henman who had another go at flicking but yet the goalkeeper resisted, however Danny again plonked it in the left corner. Another triumph for Will Smith as he had a few one two’s with his teammates after smashing it in the goal, exclaiming ‘THAT’S HOW WE DO IT!!’ Then the coach shouts out ‘HOW DID WE SCORE THAT GUYS?’ then there was a reply from Mike Henman who shouted ‘BECAUSE YOU PASSED TO ME!’ and then the coach quickly replied ‘NO BECAUSE WE PASSED THE BALL!’

Then came the second half and allow me to be the first to say that we started to droop in this half. Although Witney only had around two adults playing and the rest youths they still managed to get two back. However Mike Henman managed to steal a goal using his incredible strength and precision to smash it in the left corner from the right of the D.

Then came a moment that made the crowd and the team all go ‘OOO’ as Henry ‘the play maker’ Manuel valiantly took a mistrusted shot to his cheek but luckily got out with a bruise, a scar and maybe some dimples set in by the ball.

Although a lot of the team had lost there fighting attitude Matt Dodd did not and managed to score two cracking goals that shook the goal and the keeper. Witney then replied with a goal from a short corner however,  Inspired by Matt's integrity Mike Henman was able to steal just one more goal to make the ending score 10-3.

After the match a team photo was taken and Mike Henman decided to make Min Bestie a bit cold and drenched him with some water.

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