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Ladies 4s 2-0 win over Oxford 4s

14 September 2013

Ladies' 4s 2 - 0 Oxford Ladies 4s

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Despite poor availability from the regular Ladies 4s players we managed to cobble a team together including guest appearances from Catalina Uriburu (a visiting player from South America), Vicky Easton and 3 of the Ladies 5s players (Gail, Gabs and Josie).  And what a team it was!

We played some strong hockey, moving the ball around well, taking some good opportunites upfront and keeping Oxford out of defense. Our new players (Nicky Ekins, Marie Burden and Sophie Temminghoff) fit really well into the team and it felt like we'd been playing together for weeks rather than it being our first game of the season!  In the first half, our continued pressure was rewarded by a close quarters goal.  We're not 100% sure who scored it, Bethany claims it was Sophie Dawes, Sophie claims it was Bethany, Gabs or Josie, Phil claims she had the final touch while half way up a mountain, a few people think Oxford's defence gave us a helping hand, but whoever scored it a goal is a goal.  1-0 to Oxford Hawks!

The second half saw Catalina move up to the forward line.  Her strong hits out of defence were transferred to the 'D' and following excellent movement of the ball up the pitch she cracked the ball from the top right of the 'D' into the left side board of the goal.  2-0 to Oxford Hawks!

The last 15 minutes of the game saw some strong attack from Oxford Ladies, but sterling work in defence from Emma, Nicky, Vicky and Gail kept the ball out.  Olivia had an absolute blinder in goal, winning her Man-of-the-Match.  Marie came a close second for her hard work and distribution from RI.  Final score 2-0!  A great result against a team in the league above and the first clean sheet in quite a while.

We're very much looking forward to the first league game next week and what will hopefully be a successful season.  Bring it on!

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