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Mens 5's win again and continue to fly away from BA in the league

02 March 2013, 14:00

Men's 5s 3 - 1 British Airways Men's 2s

With our away umpire Big Dog stuck on the motorway, the reliable Mr Wells "on the way", and a National Lacrosse Tournament on in the grounds opposite, meaning we had to park half a mile away, it looked like the yearly visit to British Airways was going to be a difficult day...

With only 5 players from the winning team the week week before, it seemed a tough day for Jonny Flory to move up from the 6's to the rough and tumble of league 7, but he did splendidly, notably putting in a superb double interception early on, when all other older lags had been left well behind the extremely skillful (and young) BA center forward. Given their lowly position in the league, it wasn't surprising to see some more youthful and certainly more skillful players in the BA line up, and early indications were not good. However, the 5's got a good passing game going, used the width well, and Hawks went one up from an excellent James Mullan drive down the right, followed by a neat cross to the P spot whereupon Adam Bentley finished with aplomb. This all happened alongside Big Dog not being waylaid by any Lacrosse players, and taking over the whistle.

The opposition too, had supplied someone as good as Big Dog, which meant for once, we could get on and enjoy the game. Always dangerous in attack, BA forced numerous saves from Callum, and numerous shorts which James Mullan bravely defended. Eventually the young skillful one forced an impressive wipe out from Callum that resulted in a P flick. The other "young skillful" one took it, and with Callum theatrically diving, the ball went flying over the goal...still 1-0 and the force was with Hawks.

Half time came really quickly it seemed, and all was well. The second half saw a few "additions" onto the oppo bench, but  everyone worked their socks off in defence, and on the break, Chairman Higgins set Adam Bentley off down the wing, he passed to Karl Hack who pulled it back for Charles Darby to slot home a crucial second. 

The "young skillful ones" then tried to dribble through the staunch defence of the Hawks team but everyone defended really well. More shorts were conceded, but as time went on the BA ranks became rattled, and another quick breakaway saw Charles Darby thump the ball in to Karl Hack who managed to get a touch before it sped past their keeper - 3-0 AWAY at BA!!!

By this time the Hawks team were looking slightly tired having chased the young skillful ones about the park, and fiinally one of them managed to beat Callum by flicking into the top left, but with only 5 minutes left, Hawks were pretty safe, and an excellent away victory resulted.

Man of the match James Mullan, but closely followed by many others.

Thanks to Big Dog, who made it from Reading despite traffic jams, and to supporting parents again who are part and parcel of the large 5's squad!

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