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No Twists but Mens 4s Missed a lot of Chances at Bicester, sister

02 February 2013, 10:30, Banbury Road North (Near)

Men's 4s 3 - 0 Bicester Men's 2s

Another comfortable win for the Mens 4s on Saturday and it shows how far we’ve come this year that opposition teams come to play us and immediately park the bus*.  Bicester defended stoutly for 70 minutes and on a couple of rare occasions hit us on the break, only to find Tom Biggs in equally resolute mood. I wonder what their feelings were after the game? They certainly were chipper in the club house post-match and were much better than us in terms of team bonding, having a beer and playing bar games. However, I can only surmise they thought: “By ‘eck, we did well to keep it down to three – lucky old Jim in goal had a blinder – with a bit of luck we could have sneaked a consolation goal.” How utterly depressing.

So, I guess we had the ball in their 23 for about 90% of the match and it was down to our own failings and naivety that we were unable to break them down effectively and pass the ball into the goal more often. However, mustn’t be hard on ourselves, we had long patterns of play that were excellent and were only let down by our eagerness to score more than a poor return of three goals by going long. The first of which I admit I missed, as I was on the sidelines in tears with a broken nail, but am assured that from Nathan’s excellent pass, Ferret scored with aplomb. I’d have used a stick, but there you go. Their keeper was having a stormer in what became an increasingly tetchy affair with some desperately poor tackling on view, and I felt for umpires Dave and Tim in trying to control all that was going on. Thanks to both and hope Tim got through his assessment – we didn’t see him in the bar afterwards, it must have been a long de-brief (and in German too)! Our other two goals were scored by Jasper and Dr. Ed, both good strikes and Ferret could have added to his tally if he hadn’t been subjected to some unnecessary bullying. At the back it was pretty quiet as us older lags set up a table for a few hands of bridge, such was our (lack of) involvement.

I will be attempting to use the word pejorative in my next match report.  

*Wiki: To Park the bus in association football refers to a defensive style of play whereby a team attempt to restrict the opposition by playing many players behind the ball with limited or no attacking play. Such a style of play is known for making it very difficult for the opposition to score. The term can be considered pejorative and has negative connotations of being a boring and unattractive style of play, however effective it may be.

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