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Senators stay focused in penultimate league clash

24 March 2012

Senators 6 - 4 Salisbury Striders

Explorers from Marco Polo to David Hempleman-Adams have all learned valuable lessons the hard way on their travels around the globe. And Senators should have brushed up on their history before setting off to far away Salisbury for their penultimate league fixture.

Lulled into a false sense of security by the nice looking surroundings that awaited them on their arrival at the South Wilts Sports Club, they went through their normal warm-up routine believing this to be a hockey game played according to the rules, only to be rudely awakened as they walked onto the pitch. The sight of a horde of Saxons on the other side of the pitch, dressed in garish yellow sheepskins wielding their seaxes and axes in anticipation of another slaughter would have sent lessor mortals running for the hills, but this bunch of Senators are battle-hardened and yet again dealt with it superbly.

Ably marshalled by Centurion Hutts they adopted the quincunx formation in response and spirits were lifted when a chariot of reinforcements arrived just before battle commenced. The initial skirmishes confirmed Senators' superior tactical use of the treacle-like ground, sucking energy from weary bones, but a desperate counter-attacking move from the savages towards the end threatened an unlikely victory before Senators once again took control.

As dust settled in the valley and the Hikers tribe retreated in chaos, Senators had won the 'game' 6-4. They are just 1 result away from winning the Wessex Masters' Championship and hope to achieve that feat this coming Saturday at 13.30 at BRN. 

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