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L6s keep focus to take another 3 points with 10-2 win over MK3s

12 March 2022, 10:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Ladies' 6s 10 - 2 Milton Keynes Ladies 3s

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The day started with the sun out and cool breeze rustling through the trees, so Polly kept her base-layer on while the rest of the L6s ditched theirs! The ladies 6s were facing up against the bottom of the league Milton Keynes. Hawks sitting just above them in the league table so an important game for both. After a motivating team chat from captain Phil Williams, Hawks went out strong with first push back. The first of many goals was scored in the first 3 minutes by Linda. The ball was transferred beautifully across the pitch by Bernie to Phil and passed up the pitch into the goal were Cat and Linda were waiting to pop it in. With Linda getting the successful touch on.

The second goal came after 6 minutes by Marion. Lotty drove the ball down the back line to the T spot passed to Linda who passed to Marion to score
The third goal came at 15 minutes and the second for Marion who received a lovely cross on the P spot from Lottie after the ball was won brilliantly by Holly H and played up the pitch.
The fourth goal came just before half time in the 34th minute from a well timed pass from Hannah to Lottie and then to Cat who tipped the ball into the goal. This left the score line at 4-0 to Hawks at half time.

With a smashing team talk and being told the score line was back to 0-0 Hawks again went out strong to score even more goals.

The fifth goal came within 3 min with a great pass from Buffy to Lotty who then passed it square in front of the goal keeper for Polly to sweep it in. A classic text book goal.
The sixth goal came at 4 minutes. Marion passed to Linda and then out to Lotty and back to Marion who took a shot. The keeper got a toe to it and the ball was going wide of the goal with Polly just managing to get enough of touch on it to go across the goal line.

The seventh goal was scored at 8 minutes and came from a short corner. The short was played Linda got the ball on the rebound and saw Polly on the goal post and smashed it to left post for Polly to deflect past the goal keeper.

The eighth goal came at 10 minutes the opposition had a free hit in Hawks defending half. Caitlin won it back passed to Hannah who linked back up with Caitlin. Hannah ended up with the ball in the D made a play towards goal where Polly got a deflection past the keeper and the post.

The ninth goal came at 31 minutes scored by Caitlin from a lovely reverse stick pass by Lotty and the final tenth goal was scored by Lotty. With Yas skilfully playing with the ball in the attacking 23, driving it in and making a beautiful pass to Lotty on left post who slotted the ball into the goal.

Alas Milton Keynes did score 2 goals in the last quarter one from a short corner and the other from open play.

There was some lovely defensive play from Phil, Jan and Harriet at the back and beautiful interceptions by Holly W. There was even a transfer made to Grace (Goal keeper) by Buffy!

All in all a great team effort and Person of the Match went to a well deserved Marion. The team cakes were excellent and baked by Cat.

Thanks to Charlie and Hugh for controlling the match with their whistles and for our supporters on the sidelines.  Thanks to Evelyn Hargraves for the photos.



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