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Men's 4 win over Wycombe to take 3rd in the league.

29 January 2022, 14:30, Banbury Road North (Near)

Men's 4s 1 - 0 Wycombe Men's 2s

Our glorious leader Minner was still injured, recovering in a secret bunker somewhere is the Oxfordshire countryside. However, he was still able to direct his troops from safety far from the front line, someone akin to General Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett.

Getting the troop out was more of a challenge this week with Phil and George called up to the 3s, himself and Danny on the physio table, Jonny was ill, Matt away and in form striker Adam supposedly unable to play as he was carting his children around……as he was seen supporting at the side of the pitch I only assume the real reason was to give the other strikers a chance to get some goals? Luckily, we were able to call up Brett - I’ll only play 2 games this season - Morrison, Raoul raced back from a school U16 game and Rocket somehow had still not succumbed to an injury (that did not last long).

This was an important game, Hawks 4s in 4th playing Wycombe in 3rd. We were expecting a high-quality game high on drama. Let’s put it this way, our satirical wordsmith Maidlow was asked if he would write the match report again this week….his comment, “I have nothing, absolutely nothing…what is there to write about?”, says it all really. So, it was left to me to stretch this report out.

Luckily Will provided the entertainment by turning up already kitted up for the match BUT somehow had actually forgotten the most import equipment required to make himself decent….his shorts. Ben jumped at the chance to give Will his (for some reason he always carries a spare. I mean us Dads always take spare trousers for our toddlers in case they wet themselves, Ben is obviously very prepared).

Wycombe luckily only turned up with 11 players. Otherwise they might have had the energy to take some points from the game, which they probably deserved as it was a very even match. Give them credit, they gave it their all throughout the match. Jonny making his debut this season in goal made some fine early saves and when he was beaten by a drag flick it was disallowed. Kieran tried to help Wycombe by giving the ball straight to their centre forward in front of goal but they somehow missed. He made up for it soon after by playing the ball to Piper to hit a reverse stick into the goal. There was some other nice interplay between Oakes and Maidlow to set up a shot for Tapin, but it was a great save. Their keeper pulled out some more great saves from Maidlow but he was not tested as much as he should have been. Brad was causing a nuisance of himself up front and Tom, James , Ben Brett and Raoul were solid at the back.

The second half was much the same, some great saves by both keepers. Will for some reason decided to show off his cricket shots and Kieran came off injured (this was his longest run of games for the 4s, so it was bound to happen). It remained a tight game, but luckily Wycombe decided that if it was not working with 11 players they would try and make more space by going down to 10 players. Their centre forward decided it was a good idea to swear at the umpires and then continue to chunter away rather loudly about how (insert naughty words) they were. I am not sure but I think he had a green, then came back on, then got another green which was upgraded to a yellow while he was sat on the bench….impressive.

The game finished 1-0 and the 4s leapfrog Wycombe to go 3rd in the table.

MOM was a close contest, Jonny was fantastic in goal but the battling Brad got it.


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