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Men's 2's put in a a Curate's Egg performance

29 January 2022, 14:00, Henwick

Men's 2s 3 - 3 Newbury & Thatcham Men's 1s

Some of you who are exceptionally well read may be familiar with the anecdote which gives rise to the Phrase "A Curates Egg" although I doubt it!

Well here it is.

It is said that in the 1870's a young Curate was invited to take breakfast with his Bishop an event about which he was excessively apprehensive. So anxious was he to please that he devoured a bad egg with an appearance of great gusto. The lady of the house drew attention to the egg which she had discovered "by other means than taste", but he was so anxious to please that he said " Thank you my lady but I like my eggs rather high" - which as one might expect occasioned polite laughter.

So you may be wondering if I have finally lost it altogether. Not so. 

On Saturday  the 2's turned in a performance against Newbury which was noteworthy mostly for the contrast between the first 55 minutes and the last 15 (which cost us a precious 2 points). As much akin to a curate's egg as anything I have seen - and like the curate's egg some of it was excellent but a substantial part was not

For most of the game our brave boys played splendidly picking up a 2-0 lead in the first 10 minutes courtesy of a 4th goal in 4 games from Grouty and another Dan Andrews corner. The rest of the half belonged to Hawks and the whole side turned it on but there were especially good showings from Henry (did you see I had a shot??!!), Bas Marshall and Lewis (who reacted to any previous suggestion that his style of play might be a bit pedestrian by finding another gear!!).

Half time was reached comfortably in control of things so the coach was able to deploy ad nauseam ( "a lot" for those of you who didn't do Latin") his absolutely most favourite phrase ever of "we need to keep managing the game"  All good then!

Things improved in the second half with a supreme individual goal from Benji - 3-0 and coasting. Also worthy of mention -  Grouty  (for reasons best known to himself)  clinically steered past the outside of the post a Jowett reverse stick strike which would otherwise have nestled in the roof of the net. Presumably he was taught to do that at Southgate?

Then the wheels came off. Newbury scored a "consolation" goal from a shortie and the 2's decided to stop playing as they had been doing. So Newbury happily took control of the game and scored 2 more - both from shorties. Very disappointing but on the balance of play in the final quarter we could hardly whinge too much. Maybe the fact we only had a squad of 12 had some influence on our collapse but I'm not really offering it as a justification Your Honour.

Plenty of work to do.

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