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Men's 2's come from behind to edge out Eastcote

04 December 2021, 13:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Men's 2s 4 - 3 Eastcote Men's 1s

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On any view Thursday evening is rather too late in the week to pen the match report and I must confess this report is neither fresh news nor remotely entertaining. It rather reflects my week most of which has been spent either folding Christmas Draw tickets or recumbent in the Dentist's chair.

Three injections into the Dentist's handiwork and, with his most powerful drill firmly embedded in my tooth, I managed to dribble the question "What does this drill actually do that the others don't?" His response "I don't really know. It's the first time I've used it." - with the afterthought " but I think it's going to be alright !."  - a decidedly uncomfortable moment.

Standing with Dunners on Saturday's touchline in the 16th minute we had a similarly uncomfortable moment as Eastcote lashed in the first goal of the game ."0-1" to the oppo for the 5th game running now rolls off the tongue as easily as "1-0 to the Arsenal" used to, several years ago, when the Gunners actually had a defence.

So, yet again, the boys found themselves behind. Nothing we've tried has looked remotely like arresting this extraordinary run of ineptitude -

not improving the quality of the warm up

not getting to the ground in good time

not letting them play in their favourite numbers

not joshing at Dunners and his  magnetic counters

not listening to Van Morrison every Saturday on the way to the ground (me)

not deliberately avoiding looking at the car clock at 11.11(me)


But there again nothing has stopped them always getting their nose in front later in the game.

And so it came to pass, for the 5th game running, we managed to secure a win (or at worst a draw) - this Saturday courtesy of goals from Dan Andrews (2), Benji Powe and Tom Betts. 4-3 to the Hawks. And as Jowett observed with a grin . "Where's the problem if we keep winning when we're not playing very well." Those weren't his exact words but the sentiment is still accurate.

And we definitely didn't play very well but once we got ahead I felt there was only going to be one winner. And that's good isn't it?

Quite remarkable, but very stressful for those on the touchline. Just like being at the Dentist's.

It's been a strange season.

Excellent photos from Clive.

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