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Ladies' 8s beaten by Bicester

27 November 2021, 10:30, Banbury Road North (Top)

Ladies' 8s 2 - 4 Bicester Ladies' 4s

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On a cold and snowy morning, watching the L6s valiantly battling the ever-larger flakes of snow falling on their game, and a growing sense of unease amongst the opposition, who would have taken a postponement, the L8s took to the pitch and did battle. Bicester were very eager to start so our warm-up was short, and we took a while to settle in the first half. There were some really good signs of linking together to push into their D and get some shots on target, but their keeper did a fantastic job bossing her defence and keeping us out. We thought we'd taken the lead with a nice shot from Charlotte, but there'd been a back-of-the-stick somewhere in the D and the goal was disallowed. Our heads went down a little and Bicester took full advantage of our pressing forward to break through our defence and scored a goal which was scrambled into the back of the net through sheer force of will. They repeated the move soon after and then again at the close of the first half. They may have felt they should have had more at half time, but Deborah and Sarah stuck to their task and Niv made some great saves to deny them more. 

After identifying some problems with our formation at half time, we put aside the 3-0 disadvantage and started putting some good moves together, moving the ball quicker and finding supporting players. Inners Liv, EJ and Megan were tireless in their support of Charlotte, Laura, Yumna and Kat, who found spaces and scoring opportunities. A well struck corner by Kat which was tipped in by Megan who pounced at the post would have had our coaches cheering - we've practiced this move so many times before! Kat was again involved in some excellent link-up play between the forwards and inners and bagged herself a great goal to bring us within touching distance of Bicester at 2-3. The half backs - Kanari, Hannah, Sophia and Anjali - marked closely and kept the ball moving forwards with great energy and skill. Bicester, however, bided their time and used their well-drilled diamond formation to over-power us at the back and slotted home a fourth goal to bring the final score to 2-4 and a deserved victory for the visitors. Special mention to their excellent goalkeeper, who kept a lot of good shots out and was voted their player of the match by our team. Votes for our player of the match were cast for Hannah and Charlotte, but this week it was Sofia, who had an excellent game and covered a large amount of the pitch.

Huge thanks to Tim, who managed our rotations so well and to Jacqui and Hugh Bentley who kept the game moving in the cold conditions.  Thanks also to Evelyn Hargraves who took the photos from 9 onwards.


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