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Ladies' 1s beat Basingstoke 2 - 1

20 November 2021, 12:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Ladies' 1s 2 - 1 Basingstoke Ladies 1s

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I woke up precisely at 8am, excited, nervous, full of anticipation of what the day had in store. It was a Saturday and today Hawks decided it was going to be a bloody winning Saturday. 


I dashed to the shower and drank my mixed berries smoothie and quickly finished off by necking a berroca. *Alexa play everything is awesome* I was in the mood, I could tell the match was going to get tasty. 


10:30 - out the door I go, keen, some might say too keen, but as they always say, you can never be too keen. Striding towards Banbury Road I was cold. The wind was slapping me in the face like a bluefin tuna. 


Anyway I’ve gone on a tangent, let’s cut to the chase... 


As Oxford Hawks finest ladies arrived, going two by two, everyone one was waiting for that one sight that always lifts the spirits... Barbie being Barbie. 


After a surprisingly decent warmup, we eyed up our opponents. 


12:00 - let’s get ready to rumble. 


Hawks started strong, having some good possession and the strikers looking dangerous with some lighting speed. With link up play better than HS2, we were knocking at the door. We didn’t want to knock though, we wanted to enter. 

With venom in her eyes, Tiny was hungry, hungry indeed, hungry for goals. Thankfully, Tiny was not so tiny in the D, and boom after 4 minutes the door has been breached. 


With all the possession, the half time whistle was blown. After what seemed to be a churchillesque pep talk, they replied making it all square. 


More possession followed, but to no avail. After what seemed to be an endless stream of short corners, we sent one home, and shortly after, Basingstoke followed🏠🏠


After another thriller of a game, we managed to come away with the dub and a huge 3 points for Hawks’ mighty ones. 


And after the 2s followed suit, with another win, the ladies casted their votes:


DOD: Barbie (Lexie Spurr)


MOM: Sally Clark

Thanks to Evelyn Hargraves for the great photos.

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