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Ladies' 8s beat Aylesbury beautifully

13 November 2021, 13:00, Aylesbury Vale Academy

Ladies' 8s 4 - 3 Aylesbury Development

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Ladies’ 8s had a match away at Aylesbury.  As we only had 10 players, we were extremely grateful to Sallyan and Carys who played an away a game at Milton Keynes for the L7s and the drove over to Aylesbury to play for us.  Then we were 12.  However, 5 of us would have preferred to play full back so there were many people playing out of their normal positions.

In fact, having only one substitute seemed to work in our favour as we settled into the attack early and were rewarded with a great goal from Cat and an excellent strike by Libby.  After one short corner, the umpire blew the whistle and said that there were multiple faults but the first one was Sal playing in a face mask after the short corner was over.  Sal was taken aback as she had asked about this at training.  He awarded a free hit to Aylesbury.  Later they got one back just as we were rotating the backs so the score at half time was 2 – 1 to us.

The second half was even better with everyone working very well together.  Hannah as right half and Charlotte playing right wing worked extremely well together.  So much so that Charlotte got the 3rd goal.  Another two that were beautiful to watch were Zoe (playing left inner) and Libby as left wing.  They kept running into space and calling for the ball and always were finding each other.  Cerys (as left inner) had her usual skilful game and was rewarded with the fourth goal.

Sallyan (playing left half) had a great match showing skill and determination and ran her socks off – not bad for the second game of the day!  Gill promoted to centre half did an excellent job of holding together the centre.  Sarah, who was playing her first game with us, did really well at the back and kept marking well.  Ness was playing the other back and she was her usual skilful and strong self.  Niv in goal did not have a lot to do, but she played well and reminded the defence of any attacker who was not marked in the D.  This was much appreciated!

Nevertheless, Aylesbury managed to score two more.  One was just after a short corner when the defence turned to throw their masks off the pitch and their centre-forward stepped into the circle and did a great strike into the corner that Niv could not stop.    And then they got one last goal during a short corner. 

So, we finished with a 4 – 3 win.  We could have scored more goals, but we were happy to take the points.  It was a beautiful performance by the whole team.

There were nominations for player of the match for Zoe, Charlotte and Sallyan but the winner was Libby who played the best game of her life.


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