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M2s crumble against Amersham and Chalfont and settle for a draw

06 November 2021, 13:00, Amersham and Chalfont HC

Men's 2s 2 - 2 Amersham & Chalfont Men's 1s

Well, regular readers of this drivel won't be surprised to learn that it's a lot easier to write these reports where the boys have played well (and won) than not.

Trips to Amersham and Chalfont tend to be much tougher than they were a few seasons ago before the home club benefitted by the amalgamation of the two legacy clubs. But it ends there because there is no denying that calling the opposition (correctly) in the report "Amersham and Chalfont" can be pretty tedious so I will simply refer to them as Amersham. If any members of the opposition dip into this report then please accept my apologies. No disrespect is intended. At least we weren't playing Berkhampstead and Hemel Hempstead Men's 1st XI. I mean - seriously - who thought of that name.

The week had turned out rather better than it looked as though it might although it didn't start too well for me.I got hit in the testicles by a very firmly struck hockey ball at training which I have to say occasioned collective merriment and a lot of feigned sympathy. You definitely discover who your real mates are when that sort of thing happens and, alarmingly, I clearly have none.

On the plus side Kit finally cast off his hamstring injury, Henry his dodgy groin and Benji his ear infection so we were as close to putting out a full side as could have been hoped for on Monday. Lewis also passed some exams but was clearly in shock as a result since he declared he had lost his car simply because he couldn't recall where he had parked it. I thought I was the only person in the group to do that sort of thing which is understandable (if only just) but I am well over 30 years older than Lewis so I do think he should be a bit concerned. However probably not as concerned as Lewis' clients as he works for a well known accountancy firm.

Moving on - as expected Amersham proved to be a better side than their current League position suggested. However, like the previous Saturday our brave boys started particularly well with Billy Bishop in especially menacing form. We dominated for the first 10 minutes and then Amersham scored which came as a bit of a shock especially to Jonesey in the Hawks goal who was totally unsighted. Normally when the oppo go ahead that's curtains but we actually stuck at it and scored a perfectly executed Dan Andrews penalty corner (I don't think I have ever written that before!!) and then Bish slammed an irresistible shot in from the top of the circle. Half time was reached reasonably comfortably with the 2-1 advantage still intact.

I've decided not to write anything more about the match save to say we were utterly woeful in the second half., Amersham  must have thought the 2's had been told to observe social distancing as when in possession they were accorded the widest possible berth so it certainly didn't come as a surprise to me (or, I suspect, those watching from the plush Chesterfield sofa in the home club's grandstand clubhouse) when they fashioned an equaliser from a shortie. Pretty annoying nonetheless. 2-2 it finished which was probably fair overall.

We held an impromptu autopsy in the changers after the game which I think is probably not a good idea. With so many academics in the side various elaborate theories for our demise were advanced and subjected to scholarly examination. I often feel out of my depth in these discussions so kept my opinions to myself which was probably sensible. I imagine that telling the boys they failed adequately to stop, control or pass the ball for a full 35 minutes would have been about as well received as a hockey ball in the testicles.

Not a great day!


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