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Ladies' 8s welcome back winning ways

06 November 2021, 10:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Ladies' 8s 3 - 0 Thame Ladies 4s

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  • Ladies' 8s v Thame 4s 018

Hawks Ladies’ 8s started off strongly with the first half of the game with Tam playing giving us great guidance. We had some great attacking plays and eventually managed to get multiple short corners which led to a goal. In a short corner the ball was received by Cat who made a strong strike at goal.  On the rebound the ball was picked up by the right forward on post and was deflected to Lexie who made a deadly tap in from the left post.

Thame were determined, setting a good defence, and although no further goals were scored within the first half, Hawks led an excellent attack with much of the game being up with the forward line with great support from our inners.

In the second half we came back even stronger, with some great play from the middle with Hannah and Megan making some great passes out to the wings. This led to some great runs from the forwards and into the D from Charlotte and Libby with multiple shots on goal from all our forwards, however, Thame’s goalkeeper was also having an excellent game and made some great saves much to our dismay.  We had learnt from our last match and our defence was speedy in getting back to support our defence. Although Niv didn't see much action in goal, she had some great saves when Thame made a rare attack in the D.

With a great turnaround from defence, Cat made a great drive down the middle of the pitch with an amazing strike straight through the goalkeeper's legs, scoring our second goal of the match. Once again with our attack we had multiple short corners in the second half, which led to our third goal from another brilliant strike by Cat.

Overall, we had an excellent game with brilliant play by Thame and great teamwork from Hawks which led to our victory 3-0.

We had multiple nominations for Player of the Match:  Charlotte, Libby, Izzy, Megan, Liv and Cat; but our Player of the Match was Cat who had a brilliant game.

After the match, Cat presented their keeper with some chocolate as we voted her Player of the Match for Thame.

Many thanks to Sophie Lawman who did an great job with some complex substitutions and also to the L2s' players who were excellent umpires for us.  Evelyn Hargraves provided the first ten photos which are excellent.


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