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First round of the Cup negotiated for Mens O50's

31 October 2021, 15:00, Amersham and Chalfont HC

Men's O50s 10 - 1 Amersham & Chalfont Men's O50s

Hawks Mens O50's departed Amersham and Chalfont with encouraging words from todays opposition "it was a pleasure watching you today" ringing in their ears.

The team buoyed by freshly age eligible players Adam Laird, Jules Easterbrook, Paul Poulter started the game fast, too fast if you ask Boots! But within 5 minutes Adam Laird had put the visitors one-up and the pace of game question was far from over!!

Within the next 5 minutes it was two and so it continued with goals being added by Boots and Nobby Clarke. Then we were awarded a stroke and before we knew it Dunners had the ball on the spot and everyone else was coming together by the half way line.  At this point the foliage behind the goal and over the fence were standing up and paying attention, Dunners last stroke had gone a bit wayward, but who am I to comment, mine was saved!  But everybody was relieved when the ball found the net. Whitey added a goal and Hawks went in 5-0 up at half time.

Hawks started the second half a little slowly and passes were going wayward, we lost a bit of shape but Lairdy scored another and so did Dunners so things seemed to be back on track! We were then found out and the home side ruined Phils day in goal by scoring a goal he could do nothing about! Hawks rallied Lairdy scored a further two goals and so did Pablo moving up from defence into midfield.  At the back all was squared away again, Cookey, Andy Kaye, Dunners and Stockton had things back under control. Gary Mahon was dictating the tempo and Jules Easterbrook also got in on the goals as he became more and more influential through the game.

A comfortable win and there will be much sterner tests ahead, but it was pleasing to get off to such a strong start and for the team to get used to playing together again.

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