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Ladies' 8s lose out at Thame

01 May 2021, 17:00, Thame Leisure Centre

Ladies' 8s 1 - 2 Thame Ladies 4s

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The game got off to a late start in Thame on a chilling 1st May day.  Thame had the opening push back and straight away the game began with an exciting start.  Both sides played strong attacking pace; Hawks from the right wing and Thame down the centre.  However the flow of the play were at times paused as Oxford Hawks were getting familiar with the umpire’s whistle.  Nevertheless possessions of the ball were evenly matched.  Around a quarter way into the game Thame managed to capitalize on a break through the centre line into the D and put in the first goal.  Oxford Hawks continue to press and up the pressure to half time. 

During half time there were much encouragement from Deborah and feedbacks from Susan McErlain who was Team Manager for the match.  The start of the second half was strong in attacking mode resulting in several corners. One of which gave us the equalizer; a strong clean hit from Angie blocked by the goal keeper.  Clare was in position to pick up the rebound with a strong push to put the ball behind the net.  Thame was determined for another goal, kept up their pace and displayed their attacking formation resulting in a fortunate second goal.

As the rain stared to drizzle the play predominate fell on Oxford Hawks defending end.  Oxford Hawks defended well, Trinity displayed excellent goal keeping focus and clearance.   It was a struggle to get the ball further up and exert pressure in Thame’s D. Nevertheless Oxford Hawks showed determination to equalize with good engaging play especially the trio runs down the left by Carys, Charlotte and Emily.  Time was the only limitation for our equalizer.  The final whistle was blown.

It was not one of our best flowing games nevertheless the game was an experience and for Carys, Emily and Trinity strong individual performances.  There were nominations for Player of the Match for Trinity, Carys, Sallyan, Emily, Megan and Hannah.  The winner was Carys who had an excellent game: always in the right place and using her super skills to get the ball up the wing. 


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