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‘At last, mens 3s deserve some Ales(to)bury’...

05 December 2020, 13:30, Banbury Road North (Near)

Men's 3s 4 - 3 Aylesbury Men's 1s

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  • Men's 3s v Aylesbury 018
  • Men's 3s v Aylesbury 019
  • Men's 3s v Aylesbury 020
  • Men's 3s v Aylesbury 021
  • Men's 3s v Aylesbury 022
  • Men's 3s v Aylesbury 023
  • Men's 3s v Aylesbury 024
  • Men's 3s v Aylesbury 025

The season starts now. The Mens 3’s won with a late strike to take their first win of the season. Despite only having a few days to get back in the swing of things it was clear no rust had grown on the 3’s over the short break in the season. Following a strong warm up, that almost all the team was able to arrive in time for, Hawks started well winning a short corner just before the 10-minute mark which was well saved by the keeper.

Not long after the breakthrough came, a through ball from Lamby into the top of the D and was finished off by Fraser. Hawks then didn’t let up winning a short corner where Ian’s effort was deflected wide by the defence, the following long corner was worked around well and a smart finish from Pickup made it two nil. Despite Hawks being the stronger side, Aylesbury fought back with their first shot at goal hitting the post and not long after winning a short corner, which was kept out with a dramatic diving save from Phil to his right, not a bad way for him to take his first touch of the ball. Hawks third goal was again worked well with Chris finishing this one off from close range and just before the break Aylesbury grabbed a goal back with short corner buried in the roof of the net, a frustrating end to an otherwise dominant first half for the home side.

The break ended and Hawks began to do their best to undo all the hard work put in in the first half. A pair of short corners finished in the same way as the first saw Aylesbury draw level and a flurry of cards saw both Lamby and Pickup take an extended break on the side. With five minutes to go Hawks found themselves with a short corner for which Rocket stepped up with the old reliable, smash it in the bottom corner routine, putting Hawks back in the lead for a very well-deserved win.

Thanks to Evelyn Hargraves for the excellent photos.

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