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Ladies’ 7s annihilate Abingdon

24 October 2020, 14:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Ladies' 7s 9 - 0 Abingdon Pilgrims Ladies' 1s

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Throughout the game, we demonstrated many strengths. Some of these strength was working as a team and completing accurate and effective passes which outwit our opponents.

After settling into the game, we wanted to get a goal on the scoreboard, and this was successfully achieved by Kelly who scored two goals just after 10 minutes and started the ball rolling for many more goals to come. After these two goals, we continued to apply pressure onto Abingdon. This pressure caused an Abingdon defender to make a mistake from Juliette’s hit into the attacking ‘D’ where an own goal was scored. However, luckily Juliette still gets credit for the goal! Juliette continued to build on her goal streak by scoring on a short corner from a hit at the top of the ‘D’. With the remainder of the second half we continued to demonstrate this dominance with Poppy scoring a further 2 more goals for the team. One of which was a lovely slip from another hawks player and the other was a cross that was hit into the ‘D’ from Juliette.

 After having a team talk whilst replenishing our energy with sweets and drinks we started the second half strongly preventing Abingdon from getting into their ‘groove’. The next goal was not scored by Kelly, Poppy or Juliette, instead it was Liz who got onto the scoreboard by battling through the Abingdon defenders and coming out on top. Hawks continued to work as a team throughout the second half and was patient in waiting for the right opportunities to attack towards the goal. By having this patience to not be afraid to pass the ball around the pick until attacking opportunities was available, Kelly was able to score a further two more goals to seal the win.

Everyone played exceptionally well, and many players received a nomination for ‘Player of the Match’, but the overall ‘Player of the Match’ was Lucille! Congratulations!



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