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One suspiciously glorious day in Berkshire for M2s

17 October 2020, Amersham & Wycombe College

Men's 2s 3 - 4 Amersham & Chalfont Men's 1s

I heard that a new member of the team asked for more hockey to be in the report this week. What a week to ask for that...

Anyway, let’s start positive. I am ending my post-vacation isolation. It’ll be nice to not see people of my own volition again. That being said, it was lovely to hear from those who wrote in responding to the match reports. They are all well received at the Roche residence; especially the one from Jane who provided a top quality recommendation for a “binge-watch”.

At one point I had been dangerously close to switching on utter rubbish like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who. Thankfully, Jane suggested the BBC Sherlock series – one we had previously missed back when it was newly released. I must admit that while we avoided the modern approach of packing an entire series together, watching an episode an evening became a rather enjoyable ritual. There is even a tinge of regret about returning to BRN of a Tuesday evening.

Other things I have learned while trapped:

  1. A house is never clean, especially when one is looking for things to do.
  2. Dish washers are one of the inventions of the 20th Century.
  3. Yoga is as unenjoyable as I expected.
  4. Putting the bins out is a luxury.
  5. I miss hockey.

Yes, it painful to admit. Seemingly not as painful as the experience of watching the M2s, but painful nonetheless. I last saw them for a fixture away at Northampton in 70 degrees (I don’t buy into Celsius), the weather has definitely turned since then.

My time away from the team has been a successful one for them, on pitch. 3 wins and a close loss to start the season. It was nice of them to prepare for my return with that loss. With any luck that will get it out of their system.

Off the pitch is a different story. The captain has spent the last two weeks as incarcerated as me. My little birds tell me that the M2s had to wear the MA1s away kit last week because they couldn’t manage to wash the shirts in time. Post-match entertainment is at an all time low. Don’t get me started on people forgetting hockey shoes.

The report from this week, supplied by a potentially unreliable source:

“The trip away to Amersham was an enjoyable affair. The lads arrived on time, chatted and bantered from a distance then listened in to a stirring speech from Coach Dunleavy. Even Matt Knox was on time and carrying the requisite accessories for our glorious sport. We were sad to be without Henry, mostly because his voice was needed to carry over the swirling wind.

The game was open, fast and free-flowing. The pitch played like a dream, fresh from a natural watering prior to the game. The link up play had the sparse supporters cooing as if watching fireworks. MBBOR1 is perhaps not at the standard of some leagues but this was a showing to put the Wimbledons and Durhams to shame. An exhibition if you will, put on by two sides just glad to be playing.

We’ve heard rumours that the supporters volunteered to pay our match fees such was the entertainment supplied. On a green rectangle carved out of the Berkshire countryside, that day, at that time, the people forgot about why they were spaced out from their friends. The national and global problems felt somehow transcended by play as simple as Jamie Hill v-drag.

We didn’t bother with player of the match for hockey was the real winner. We went home after a socially distanced drink for the non-drivers, content with a Saturday early afternoon spent amongst 30 young gentlemen.

Anyway, we lost 4-3. On to next week.”

As I said, potentially unreliable.

Not to worry, I am back next week to give an accurate representation of the shambles coughed up by these slouches. See you then.


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