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M2s vs Eastcote 1s: to slow down is to speed up

10 October 2020, 12:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Men's 2s 5 - 2 Eastcote Men's 1s

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  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 002
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 003
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 004
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 005
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 006
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 007
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 008
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 009
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 010
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  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 013
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  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 017
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 018
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 019
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 020
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 021
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 022
  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 023
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  • Men's 2s v Eastcote 025

It is amazing how easy it is to feel too busy when one has nothing to do. Many of us felt it in April and May. That feeling of maddening hopelessness, of the world rushing by yet remaining stationary, of being trapped in an infinitely large room. It seems we are all prone to it, well most of us are. I’m sure there are a lucky few who are so content that they have escaped that feeling. We’ll never know who they are, sadly. One imagines a symptom of such serenity is a lack of a need to shout about it.

A strange start to this match report, I agree, but it was needed to justify the brevity. I’m a week into my repatriation and the next week cannot pass soon enough. Tedious doesn’t even cover it. The holiday was long overdue and thoroughly enjoyed so I can’t complain too much. To be honest, this report gives me that chance and saves me from audible frustration. First time I’ve been thankful of this team for a few years.

Frustrations vented; I cannot keep typing for too long. Dinner is being prepared and I’m under orders to not let the potatoes crisp up too early.

I can confirm that the report sent by the team seems genuine this week. Another win to keep the second XI second in the league behind a strong-looking Marlow outfit. Dunners wasn’t there which can probably be linked to this win. There are many annoying-types that would say “correlation is not causation” but sometimes it really is.

“It was a little chilly but the boys enjoyed their new 30 minute pre-match window and lack of any formal leadership. Dunners was wandering around somewhere, but his presence was not missed due to the long awaited return of Ironman-Godders and his magnificent facial hair (top of lid hue did match facial lid hue).

The game was a bit fast paced at times but for periods we played some excellent hockey. A further two goals for Dan Andrews, JLS mopped up another rebound and Knox and Jowett were the other two players generously allowed to score by our leading points gainers.”

The mention in the report cannot be ignored. A big congratulations to Godders who completed an Ironman with his partner last weekend. The images look frankly harrowing. In fact, they were the first things that made me think that two weeks in my own home is not so bad after all.

I appear to still be typing. See you next week for what should be a good game away at Amersham, closely followed by my return to mop up what remains.

Many thanks to Evelyn Hargraves for the excellent photos.

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