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Spoiler but Hawks Ladies 3s won!

10 October 2020, 10:00, Banbury Road North (Top)

Ladies' 3s 3 - 1 Reading Ladies 3s

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The ladies 3s rocked up to BRN bright and early and very ready for a win (after zero points so far, but SPOILER we’ve got THREE points now!!!). We started congregating next to the ‘show’ pitch only to find out that this was in fact an early mindgame Linda was inflicting on our oppo Reading. We were actually on the far pitch and because Reading were standing near the shack, along with the one way system rules, this made for a very long walk for the Reading team to contemplate how they already lost that round.


The match started and within the first few mins it was pretty clear Hawks were the dominant team. Some beautiful passing play, constant triangles, committed leading meant that Hawks had all the possession and phase after phase of attack. Hawks were really attacking as a team and the defenders stepped in to pick up a thrown out ball every time Reading tried to turn over (shout out to Lucy, Kasey, Eveena and Clare W who all did this!) and had some really excellent tackles which meant the attacking phases continued!


Before long we had a short corner - something we’ve practiced quite a lot but not converted into a goal since the 70s. Zoe lamb straight strike from the top was amazing and Karen deflected it onto the backboard! Karen (as narrator here) would like to point out Zoe did all the hard work and it was more of an accidental deflection as that’s just how fast Zoe’s straight strike was.


First half carried on much the same! The next goal - a ball from defence to Zoe, who dribbled down the wing and into the D, passing to Katie on the post who slotted it straight past the keeper. 2-0! Hawks possession and positive vibes carried on! Henry T was coaching from the sidelines and could be heard from Bicester shouting things like ‘that is quality, HOCKEY, Frankie, quality!’ And to be fair Frankie played 100% quality hockey, as did the other forwards Jess and Megan! Another highlight was when the subs bench as one cheered as Tam did the naughtiest stick hit bobble and run around her defender, it was textbook if the textbook is EHL highlights. Before half time Zoe dribbled past multiple defenders and took a speedy strike that was way too quick for the keeper, hello 3-0!


We were pretty hyped going into half time with such a lead. Captain Lucy B and our very vocal (read shoutey) coach for the day Henry T gave some pointers and we went into the second half knowing Reading would bring it - their coach is also shoutey.


Second half was a bit more hairy and Reading really stepped it up. Hawks held them off with whole team marking and Linda’s excellent saves. Becca had the hard job of marking ‘353 tall one’ who was tall and fast, but tall one scored no goals so a triumph from Becca! However Reading did manage to get a couple of short corners. Linda did amazing and saved a number of goals, and Olah did an incredible on-the-line stick stop save with her face shield on, which she repeated twice! However Reading did manage to score in the last 2 mins taking it to 3-1 but the less said about that the better.


A great win for Hawks 3s! MOM was tied between Zoe and Becca, and DOD was Emily for going home without taking the shirts! A big thank you to Clare P who despite being injured turned up to run the subs bench. Thank you too to Evelyn Hargreaves for the always excellent photographs. 


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