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3 straight wins and Falcons are only team not to drop WSFA points

10 October 2020, 13:30, Banbury Road North (Near)

Falcons 3 - 0 Southampton Cockburns

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Blomley, Billington, Heinrich, Jones, Kaye, Dunleavy - no that isn't the start of the line-up, but the entire defence that was unavailable in the seasons third fixture at home against Southampton, a team who had only narrowly lost to Woking the previous week.  Without a goalkeeper Falcons also loaned them Jonny Atkins in a move that would result in him being voted man of the match by both sides.

With a team consisting entirely of midfielders and attackers Falcons unsurprisingly felt the best approach was to go on the offensive and spent most of the game in the the visitors half and who in return packed the defence.

Jonny Atkins was proving to have bought his A+ game to the visitors side and between the packed defence and himself the Falcons attacks and short corners were being effectively thwarted time and again, that is until a bit of a scramble just over midway into the first half led to the ball finding skipper Buzz with an empty net to flick the ball into.

and that was how the game stayed until half time 1-0.

In the second half, Falcons continued to waste opportunities and many more short corners, that is until Boots Dawson pitched up after coaching the 4's and made an immediate impact deftly converting yet another short corner.  A third was added shortly before then end which gave a bit of realism to the score in terms of dominance and possession but perhaps did little to demonstrate the tenacity of the Southampton defence and the superb performance of Atkins in goal.

Falcons host Winchester at home next weekend with the forwards hoping to rediscover their goal scoring form of last season, but with the return of one or two defenders the team is also likely to be a little more balanced.

MoM for outstanding goalkeeping was Jonny Atkins.

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