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A better performance but another defeat for L6s against Aylesbury

10 October 2020, 10:30, Banbury Road North (Near)

Ladies' 6s 2 - 5 Aylesbury Ladies 2s

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Ladies 6s had a positive warm up and were more focused than previous weeks at the start of the game. There wasn’t much between the two sides in the first 10 minutes, Anna was finding herself in some lovely high and wide positions. Sadly it was Aylesbury who got themselves a short corner and they were able to take advantage of it. Hawks quickly showed what they were capable of but, but sadly Lotty’s strike was just outside the D... no goal. It wasn’t long before Hawks were awarded a short corner, a brilliant strike from Rom to the right post, saw Pip get a brilliant deflection into the top right hand corner and ruffled the net... game on. 
Some brilliant individual work from an Aylesbury player saw them score again, Purdy didn’t stand a chance as it flew past into the top left corner. Right on the stroke of half term Aylesbury won themselves anther short corner, this time they played us at our game and did the ping pong routine... 1-3 at half time. 

Positive half time talk, questionable half time sweets... Percy pigs and Collin caterpillars...  far too chewy, we were ready for the fight. 

Aylesbury quickly got themselves a short but Purdy was ready and made a brilliant save... could this be the change I’m fortune we needed? We had short after short, but couldn’t get the goal we so desperately needed and wanted. Another brilliant individual goal from Aylesbury made the fight back look like an unlikely fairy tale. The full backs and half backs continued to clear the ball confidently to the inners who worked tirelessly to get the ball up the pitch. A quick long corner from Buffy to Lotty just on the edge of the D, resulted in a cross from Lotty and a brilliant goal from Molly. 
Sadly Aylesbury weren’t finished with their scoring display and wanted the last word. Lovely quick accurate passing caught Hawks out. Final score 2-5. 

MOM was awarded to Rom for an outstanding display as an inner. Constantly fighting back and carrying the ball into some great position. 

A much better performance and lots of positives to take from the game onwards and upwards to next weekend. 

Thanks to our Hawks umpires and to Jess for providing some lovely baked treats to eat after the game and to Evelyn Hargraves for the excellent photos.

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