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A goal and a point for the Ladies 3s away at Wallingford

07 March 2020, 14:45, Wallingford HC

Ladies' 3s 1 - 1 Wallingford Ladies 1s

Ladies 3s faced off against Wallingford 1s. The match was started strong by hawks maintaining possession and attacking early leading to hawks pulling ahead early and scoring the first goal off of a short corner through a left slip to Beth. The ladies then maintained the lead until around 3 minutes to the end of the half where there were multiple unlucky and somewhat unfair short corners in a row the last of which a goal was conceded. With that the first half was over.

After a motivational half time chat the second half started with Wallingford attacking strong but the ladies kept up good defence, even with some questionable umpiring leading to the second half becoming stressful and tense, including a green card given to Priya for some dodgy tackling. There were a few attacking opportunities during the second half but with Wallingford stepping up their game and with many decisions favouring Wallingford the game ended 1-1 giving the ladies a point for the league tables.

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