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L4s secure another season in Prem2 with victory against Marlow 3s

07 March 2020, 11:30, Banbury Road North (Top)

Ladies' 4s 3 - 2 Marlow Ladies 3s

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  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 001
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  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 010
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  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 015
  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 016
  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 017
  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 018
  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 019
  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 020
  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 021
  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 022
  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 023
  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 024
  • Ladies' 4s v Marlow 025
Hawks Ladies 4s got off to a fantastic start against Marlow, with a goal in the first 2 minutes, from Mimi. It was easy to see that despite the early lead it was going to be a close match, so there was still a lot of work to do. Marlow pushed hard back and got a short corner, however we were confident with Linda in goal and the defenders cleared it away so the pressure was relieved. Both teams' attack and defence were battling hard - Linda and the Marlow goalkeeper made some great saves. Just before half time, Hawks got an attacking short corner which Rebecca Black scored with a great strike.  

After the half time whistle both teams had a much-needed break and team chat. Hawks started 2-0 up and had to work hard as Marlow were determined to regain the goals. With a short corner against us Marlow had an opportunity, they took that and smashed it in. 2-1 and both teams were working at a very high intensity and had to keep it up. Another short corner to Marlow and it was 2-2. With only 8 minutes to go it was all to play for and nail biting to watch. A great run down the left-wing from Tara, Kim was sprinting in to slip it past the goalkeeper. Hawks continued with some excellent transfers from Sue and Becky and managed to keep possession of the ball so that Marlow couldn’t score again. A happy team left the pitch, having played well and just a few thoughts on improvements for our next match. A well-deserved win, with player of the match going to the captain Becky.

THanks to Evelyn Hargreaves for the excellent photos.


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