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2's see off OMT as Copestake celebrates the goal that never was.

08 February 2020, 13:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Men's 2s 4 - 2 OMT Men's 1s

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I've had enough of students and graduates. I thought that with a different quality of student this season things would improve but not so.

Consider this- after a somewhat indifferent display last week against the Uni 2's - exhaustively chronicled in last week's report - Coppers played very much better and managed to find the back of the net twice against OMT in a more encouraging showing all round. However he failed to record the hat trick he might have had. Instead his overall performance included an exceptional miss in front of goal of which Emile Heskey would have been proud. Copestake's extravagant reaction (I had to be told about this)  involved him,apparently, wheeling away in delight, as he assumed the ball had nestled in the back of the net when it had done no such thing. I can only assume I failed to see this part of the incident as I must have had my head in my hands.

Enter then his erstwhile colleague one Samuel Greenbank (also a graduate of the same respected university) who saw this as a golden opportunity to profit from his mate's discomfiture and begged to write the match report. However I'm still waiting.

So - students/graduates as a class but more specifically Mr Greenbank go straight into my top five of current pet hates along with:-

1. Drivers who dress up in overcoats and hats on winter mornings when all cars these days have very efficient  heaters - do they do that in their living rooms I wonder?

2.People who use the word "woke" as I have absolutely no idea what it means or who invented it.

3 Rugby referees who have abandoned the straight "put in" rule - how and when did that happen and can anyone explain it?

4. Frankie Boyle - no further explanation required I hope.

On Saturday the boys put in a decent shift and collected maximum points against a weakened OMT side who had 6 first choice players missing. However - as they say - you can only beat what's in front of you. Anyway, as I never bore of pointing out, we are a second team and after taking account of the first team's selection and the usual shopping list length of injured bodies the first name on our team sheet is about the 20th best player in the club. Fact.

So we did alright - even the students.

I'm told The excellent Clive Jones has recently renewed and enhanced his equipment so the accompanying pictures should be better than ever. Thank you Clive.

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