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L6s give top of the table Thame a game to remember

08 February 2020, 11:30, Banbury Road North (Near)

Ladies' 6s 3 - 4 Thame Ladies 2s

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The day started sunny, but not too cold. With our head set in the game and a brilliant pre-match talk from Phil, we realised we could beat Thame even though we knew this game would be tough. Thame started the game strong and put pressure on our defence and the goalkeeper, Purdy, however we battled on with Purdy saving 3 amazing goals. Yas and Rosie showed good teamwork in the D to clear many shots and preventing any goals from the opposition. But suddenly Thame found a little gap (and I mean a little gap) to score a goal where the ball seemed to trickle over the line, to the disbelief of the players and spectators. Raising our heads, we carried on defending well and set a long pass for Molly who drove it down the right side very well, but sadly couldn’t convert it into a goal

Half time was blown and time to sit down, eat some Haribo Tanfastics and listen to Phil give an inspirational and focused talk. Both teams started the second half of the match with attitude and determination. We attacked again and Rosie crossed the ball in the D for Lotty to score a brilliant goal. With Thame suffering from letting in a goal, they hit the ball down the middle of the pitch which was picked up by another Thame player. However, Rosie tackled in a strong 1v1 where she won the ball and carried on to put pressure on Thame.With some extra pressure from Hawks, we won a short corner and discussed tactics at the top of the D. With a clever idea to confuse the opposition, Lotty scored yet another cracking goal which meant we were beating the team at the top of the table! But then Thame suddenly had their own short corner, but with excellent defending, we managed to not make it 2-2. Thame crashed into our defence making it harder and harder for us to stop goals from occurring. Sadly, Thame found a gap at the top of the D and hit the ball into the corner of the goal, which was very hard to save. Somehow Thame pursued their attacking strategy and managed to score two more goals making it 2-4.

Hawks were still hopeful and knew the game wasn’t over yet. Becky made a run with the ball to the D and skilled around the goalkeeper but was annoyingly stopped at scoring when a Thame player out of nowhere saved the ball from hitting the backboard. Bella and Phil working on the left side and in the D to defend Thame from reaching Purdy, was very intense but they showed who was boss and played with great teamwork to skill around the opposition. Hawks decided enough is enough and worked hard to get the ball back into our attacking D. A good pass from Buffy to Becky meant the ball was now in the D. Nerves and chaos fell into the D making it hard to score, however Becky made a shot on goal which was followed through and deflected by Molly making the score line 3-4. Celebrating the effort and goal we just achieved, it was time to get back into the game as the game wasn’t finished yet. With more great defending from everyone and making our press worry Thame, we kept battling for an extra goal but the whistle was blown for full time. Even though we lost, we knew we played a fantastic game as a team and ended with smiles on our faces, especially as we were then treated to Molly's excellent chocolate cake!

Our thanks to both our umpires for helping the game flow, to all our supporters on the side-line and to Deborah for taking the photos.

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