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Magnificent sevens go close to upsetting serious Oxford 8's....

07 December 2019

Men's 7s 1 - 2 Oxford Men's 8s

With one of the senior players reprimanded for not using the official lavatory before the game started, it was probably a blessing that the team got off with one possibly two green cards to this season's hotshot striker Barney. One (alleged) for vaping on the pitch sidelines and the other for handbags with the other bad tempered over 50....

Still, after surviving a rampant 10 minutes from the extremely youthful Oxford team, it was left to the returning skipper to give away a short in the face of being dispossessed by the small but agile youthful centre forward, unbeknown to the skipper this had already started the troops to start muttering under their breaths....this of course resulted in an Oxford goal from the short...

After that, the 7's started to settle, and the Oxford team started to get a bit riled, and with some possession, Shambles slotted home a hard shot into the Oxford goal...1-1

As ever, the whole team worked really hard, and it was a shame to concede a second in the second half. Charles dislocated a finger which was probably fair retribution for double booking in the evening. This was a game generally played in good spirits, and we should really have come away with a point after the strong second half.

Peter Hobbs man of the match, Theo voted player of the half season - let's hope he can turn out a bit with school hockey on next year, and DoD shared by Cairns and Elliott for the above misdemeanors…...I will leave it to you to work out who did what....

The team then went to the Hawks Xmas party and were the best represented Men's team there...




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