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Mens 3s freeze in their tracks against Marlow

30 November 2019, 12:30, Banbury Road North (Near)

Men's 3s 0 - 3 Marlow Men's 2s

After finding out the pitch was likely to defrost and confirming with Marlow things looked promising for Hawks. An incident on the M40 meant Marlow were caught in traffic and weren't going to be at the pitch until essentially push back.

You would imagine, starting with a bare 11 with most players getting directly out of cars Marlow may have been a bit slow at getting going, however Hawks were the team caught sleeping and put under pressure early by Marlow. They were quickly rewarded, before being asked if they could change strip (I mean playing in red against maroon wasn't the best decision of the day), unfortunately they didn't have an alternative and play resumed. A short corner lead to a second goal for Marlow, going into half time 2 - 0.

Coming in as a team and the consensus was clear, in the first half Marlow wanted it more. Chris' go to line of "if you don't want to take this seriously I can find you a game in the 4s", clearly had no impact, but Hawks came out in the second half with some fight. The difference changed the dynamic of the game completely, Marlow were now on the back foot defending rather than pushing up the pitch aggressively. Unfortunately 2 disallowed goals, one where a short corner was awarded moments before it went in (can't complain, Marlow had the same), and one where it just clipped Chris' foot as he attempted to get out of the way of Jamie Hill's shot (sorry Jamie!), either of which would have alleviated some of the pressure on Hawks.

Fighting until the end, Hawks put up a full press in the final 15 minutes really bringing the pressure to Marlow, however as with any aggressive press, if the opposition break through you have a weak defense. Having kept them under the cosh for the majority of that 15 minutes Marlow finally broke through and sealed the game away with a 3rd goal.

I would also like to give a shout out to Robbie Scragg, who also got caught in the traffic on the M40 with Marlow. However unlike Marlow, who made it to the game, Robbie's car unfortunately overheated leaving him stuck on the M40. I'm not the only one who's missed a game this season.


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