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Mens 3s still struggling to score in 2 - 0 loss

09 November 2019, 11:30, Reading HC

Men's 3s 0 - 2 Reading Men's 4s

Despite cold weather, hawks got a decent warm up in and thanks to another inspiring team talk from captain Chris, we felt ready to go. We were lacking a center half but luckily Laurie stepped up to fill in. 

We started the first half poorly, Reading caught us sleeping in defense and scored within the first few minutes by getting the ball to a player on the spot for an easy finish. The rest of the first half was fairly uneventful with neither team having any real chances. Going into halftime, we still felt like we were the better side and were hoping to pull it back in the second half.

Having said this, in the second half we seemed to get a bit tired and the play became a bit sloppy. Reading manged to win a short corner which they converted into goal through a well worked routine. Nearer the end of the game Hawks still showed fight but couldn't create any chances. We won a short corner with the last play of the game, but it was unsuccessful and reading cleared to end the game.

MoM: Anton Eisner

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